I am linking here to the reading of the Megilla by the revered Torah chanter Mr. Benno Weis obm. If you download it, please notify me and I will let his fmily know. The recording is already available on the FSU archives.

I will point out some of the beauty of this recording and nusach when I have more time. Bye. Happy Purim!

Lein Megilas Esther ala Frankfurt!

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    Some of the nuance in this recording:
    1) The word Ya’amod in the verse “Revach Vehatzala yaamod layehudim” is read as if someone is being called to the Torah!
    2) Balayla Hahu: A very mistifying rendition of this pasuk.
    3) Vayislu es Haman; we read this very festively.
    4) Vayamlicheha tachas vashti is and the preceding words receive special attention.
    Note: When I had a megilla written for me by my father-in-law, I was told that Rav Breuer suggested to the local soferim to write one particular word as per the kri and not the standard way it is written. I don’t have the chapter and verse on that handy.

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