This website was designed with two purposes in mind.

  1. To provide a more respectable format for dissemination of my father’s media collection of Khal Adath Jeshurun in Washington Heights- which until now has been featured solely on Youtube. This format will make the videos and recordings accessible to people who for reasons of conscience do not visit or utilize¬†Youtube. The videos here are stored on a cloud and are not streaming from Youtube.
  1. The website will have an active blog feature for the discussion of minhag, nusach, and ideology. It will also have  a healthy amount of audio recordings, or videos that are too long to hold the attention of a casual You Tube viewer. It should attract the attention of serious followers of nusach and minhag, the likes of which I have come to know in the various Yeshivos I have attended in the international Olam Hatorah (Torah world).

Please enjoy and connect with me through the mediums provided. To learn more about my father and his years of photographing the community please see the three videos on the site dedicated to him.

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