Musaf RH Bloemendal

This is actually my favorite video here. My mind is lost in the thought that these hallowed sanctuaries hosted the fervent prayers of the Jews in the German countryside for generations. Eventually many closed as the hamlets dwindled. The photos were taken in the 1920s to document their existence in a book entitled “Jüdische Gotteshäuser und Friedhöfe in Württemberg”.

A slide show featuring shuls of many hamlets in Southern Germany from a book I recently purchased, as well as from the work of Dr. Hahn on the website
The sound was given to my father along with other precious recordings by Mr. Joseph Katzenstien a’H. CORRECTION: The music SEEMS to come off an album called “Hans Bloemendal ‎– The Amsterdam Synagogue. Chants Throughout The Jewish Year”, which I have just purchased on eBay to confirm. Precious, in any case.
At 11:20 min. begins a beautiful rendition of “Ochila La’kel”
Gmar Tov.

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