Mizmor Shir Lyom Hashabas Lewandowski. 1985

A Shabbos Staple.
Chazan Shulman of Greatneck Synagogue

I hope to post many more from our beloved Shul Choir to keep a balance between social, historical, musical and minhag-related posts.

The Breuer’s Choir in the Eighties was not “artsy-smartsy”, but it was the most authentically “shul” in nature.
1) It sang (and still does) EVERY WEEK – no “off shabbos”.
2) It was not created to hum behind a chazan, but to deliver in its own right.
3) It always lead the kahal as an inetgral part of the service and not a spectacle.
4) They always put heartfelt gusto into the pieces. The folky feel was never drowned out by smug composure.
5) Almost entirely amateurs with a love for the music.

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