Chanukah is a time for new beginnings. Four years ago it was a beginning for me.

Having no access to YouTube at the time, I had my internet filter disabled in order to put up a video that I compiled ten years earlier. It was a compilation of Chanukah lighting in Breuer’s Shul that I edited on VCR. The videos were taken by my father and by Marty K.  This was before fifty smartphones were pointed at the chazan during hadlakah.

In fact there was a time when were you to talk about videoing with your phone, you might have raised an eyebrow.

Anyhow, in 2005 I stood in front of shul selling this video for 20 dollars on VHS cassette and DVD.

Now it was 2015 and the video was hastily put online on a channel called Breuers 2gether. The name and account was set up several years earlier with the intention of making a young alumni committee for the yeshiva. That committee never happened, but the account would become the name that would become the place for reliving our recent history.

After uploading the Chanukah video I began uploading a video each day for a month and a half straight. (This is not considered advisable by YouTube experts.)

After uploading thirty-something videos, I showed my face to cyberworld on a video that I quickly removed. Here it is.

As this was going on, I was having a lung thing that was like a prolonged pneumonia that might have been triggered by exposure to mold when dealing with water logged video tapes in my garage.(You can hear my lung thing in that video above.)

I also sustained a larger scale health scare. A mid-life crisis, that sent me back to college for a degree in Jewish Studies, which I am enjoying, but am delayed in finishing.

I have amassed a large library of books covering German Jewish History, Liturgy, music, ephemera, antiques, as well as a library covering Jewish Communities in most of the fifty states….and Canada.

I have had the opportunity to meet and interview some fine people, and much of the story I tell is from the way I viewed it as a kid of the eighties.

Thanks for watching.







Chanukah Anniversary

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